Location of spends if phone is at home

Hello Monzo peeps, my name is Manik Datta and I’m really very interested in learning about the tech that Monzo is using to make our financial lives better.
In particular, I want to understand how your metadata layer works when the user’s phone is at home or the mobile location is switched off - in this case, how do you give the user accurate information like merchant name and spend category post spend?

I don’t think Monzo uses the phones location to tag transactions. It’s part of the merchant data they receive when you make a transaction.


This has got me thinking if we have people always carrying their phones around to “collect” merchant data as if it’s Pokémon Go. :thinking: :grinning:

Data is taken from the transaction, Google Maps plots registered address, Twitter for the icon user collected through the app to improve, Merchant and merchants are all under their own category (Merchant category codes) which are collected by Monzo.

So if a merchant is classified themselves as “Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts” which has a code of 5013, Monzo have premapped that to appear as Transport.