Local British languages - Some Further Thoughts

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So let me firstly say a few words about my situation, I’m English but for the last 8 years I’ve lived In mid Wales though I don’t speak Welsh.

So my idea is this, provide versions of the app (in the future) in regional languages such as Welsh, Scots Gaelic and Irish.

Why?: Well at minimal cost you can corner the market especially in Wales, few traditional banks offer a great deal of services in Welsh, Irish or Scots and there are a growing number of people using these languages (believe me), especially as its now in the curriculum in Wales for example.

Timescale: so it’s not urgent, the current account is paramount currently but I believe there was some talk of a branch office (perhaps in Wales if you believe some of the media) which would be ideally placed for this kind of project.

Cost: Well aside from altering the app which hopefully wouldn’t be too much effort apart from translation, there would be the cost of employing some native support agents (who would still also be able to provide support in English).

Bonuses: So apart from capturing the next generation of speakers of thee languages, the devolved governments have shown that they have money to spend on creating jobs, whIch could largely offset new office and employment costs.

Reducing costs: like duolingo some of the translation could be crowdsourced then verified by fluent speakers.

What now: obviously this would be a longer term project, things that could be done now would be ensuring that apps are future-proof for things like multiple languages in the future which would help no just this but also the move into other countries outside the uk.

I’d love to know monzos policy on this or their thoughts for the future and any future-proofing already taking place.

Update: If this is duplicated somewhere else then my bad, unfortunately the mobile site is poor on my device for showing duplicated threads


Rather that duplicate previous discussions you may wish to look at previous threads, e.g.: Local British languages

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Not just a post about welsh, I did in fact see that. Welsh was just an example

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Please don’t rename my posts without asking, It’s considered bad form.

I’m happy to do it for good reason but it just feels wrong otherwise.


Personally I support the idea of apps being available in different languages.

As for renaming threads this has been done since the dawn of this community, titles have been edited to reflect or clarify content and have had numbers added where the thread is same or similar to another thread. Leaders have also merged posts from one thread to another but they are not going to ask the original poster for permision they will just move posts and lock a thread. These practices are part of the housekeeping of the community.