Loan payments count & Up and coming payments of loan

Loan payments count not working and also Main account showing two payments one gone out and one due to go out both with different counts.

Details to reproduce:
iPhone13 Pro
App Version:


@Gio_Bond can you edit that 2nd image to remove the account details?

Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling the application to confirm? if not, you may be best reaching out directly to customer support. :slight_smile:

@AlanDoe can we get those images redacted to remove bank details?

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I would edit your 2nd pic as your account number and sort code are visable :slight_smile:

Thank you for the redaction, completely forgot that it has that detail at the top.

Just update the strange 2nd up and coming payment has now gone. But the payment count is still incorrect in both areas.

New pictures below.