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What does the spending summary look like? Is this once a day or is it a secondary notification after each payment?

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Can not printscreen my Android app as not allowed :unamused:

I’m sure it’s the weekly summary roundup of transaction. Or at least used to be.

A free £10 is never a no :rofl:

Game on.


Are you on Club Lloyds? What is the criteria for this?

Not Club Lloyds.

I’ve used the card 3 times in the 9 or so months it’s been open.


I know why banks cap cashback but there’s just that excitement of unlimited that makes me want to get out there and spend :joy:


Shame, I’m not worthy apparently, despite using Lloyds for the weekly shop!

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I’ve never seen anything like it before :sweat_smile:

I’ve made 3 today so hopefully box it off by tonight then go back to Revolut :rofl:

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Nothing in my Inbox for Lloyd’s :cry:

I have never used my debit card though, so whether that would influence who gets the email :person_shrugging:

That said, @NanoOp uses theirs for weekly shop and hasn’t been selected, so who knows.

I’ll certainly take the offer if it does come my way though. Easy money tbf :smile:


It’s a day in the office so it’s easy with the food around :rofl:

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Is it me, or is the Halifax app quicker than the Lloyds app?

I’ve not noticed any difference.

Just mean natively scrolling etc, seems smoother?


Card section on Lloyds app just showed Loyalty Plus.

Like you can add loyalty cards to the app and when you spend you redeem automatically.

Only has Iceland and two others for now but could be helpful for those who don’t carry a wallet.

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Oh is this the third party scheme which has Harvey Nichols, Iceland, and nothing in between?

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Iceland, SqaureMeal restaurant Rewards and Viator Rewards Discount.

Not a clue on the other two.

I think Lloyds bought, or invested in, this fintech. It won’t get any traction from the big players, who like to take a walled garden approach to loyalty data.

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Barclays has (or had) it too, and it was literally like that. Two or three merchants and nothing more.


:joy: Where’s Built For Mars when you need them?