Lloyds Bank releasing some very familiar features

(Jack) #1

Had a letter from Lloyds Bank this morning announcing some upcoming changes to their internet banking system which gave me a strange sense of deja vu. Some of their upcoming features include:

  • Card Freezing
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Third Party Provider (TPP) access
  • Cheque Imaging

Looks like they’re not quite on par with Monzo yet. Mobile alerts are actually just text messages and limited (for now) to balance alerts (you can set these already i.e. more than £1000 has been paid into your account), getting within £50 of your overdraft limit, charges being applied and standing orders failing.

(Hugh) #2

Yeah, I was going to say… They’ve had this for a while although the sign up process needs to be done in branch and is rather convoluted.

(Jack) #3

Yeah, looks like they’re adding a few different kinds of alert now as well as those but still no per-transaction alerts like Monzo provide!