Living aboard a boat with no fixed abode

I am concerned about banking when I move from a home with an address to living on a catamaran in the Mediterranean Sea when clearly the boat will NOT have an address. I will have to report my change of address on my driving licence. What will happen there? I will have to tell my banks (personal and business) and PayPal that I have moved and can only really be contact by telephone or email. The domains that my business owns (I work from home selling boats) should be no problem as I can use my accountant’s address, which is the registered address of my business. I have come across advice for crews living aboard vessels but nothing so far for sailors who own their own boats and live aboard them. Offshore banking seems to be the way forward. Can you help? Oh and whilst I hold a UK passport and currently reside in the UK, I also have an Irish passport. Ireland is in the EU still, whereas the UK is not any longer. Oh and I have a Polish partner who has settled status in the UK but also owns property in Poland. What to do about banking? I need to be able to continue trading so I need current accounts for business and also private accounts.

For Monzo you need to be a UK resident, which you will no longer be. If you don’t say anything, at what point they “find out” or say they are closing your account is anyones guess, it might happen, it might not, but it’s not something I’d risk, especially for your business.


This is probably one to ask Monzo directly through in app chat because we’re all customers on here and I imagine the requirements will vary from business to business.

I would have thought that people who live on boats rent a postbox of sorts? So you can get parcels and things delivered to a fixed location which you visit periodically and unlock with a key. So this is where you’d get card replacements and renewals delivered.

Welcome to the community forum! We’re mostly just users here so I’m not sure you’ll get an authoritative answer, but it’s an interesting question!

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