Liverpool Show and Tell Event

It would great to hear from any developers interested in demoing something cool they’ve built on top of the Monzo API at our show and tell event in collaboration with Novoda!

Please register your interest below!

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I’d be very interested in coming along with my e-paper display to demo if this is the sort of thing that will be of interest?

I really liked your tutorial, I may give it ago (though I’ll probably alter it to show account balance, since I don’t use pots too often). It’s a shame that the Monzo API doesn’t support webhook notifications for Pots balance changes (at least not from what I’ve seen), that’d save you from running a cron job.

I’ll be at the Liverpool event so might see you there.

@boeeerb looks really cool! Yep we’d definitely be interested, thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: I will drop you a dm :+1: