List of Free ATMs Worldwide

I’m in the US where free ATMs aren’t the norm (Wells Fargo is my go-to ATM now).
Has anyone ever tried to make a crowdsourced list of free ATMs worldwide? If not, I’m happy to kick it off.

To add to this Wiki simply tap the edit icon in the bottom right, then copy the headings below onto a new line and fill them out:
Please keep it in alphabetical order by country name :blush:

Bank / ATM Name:
Map Location Link:

Country: Qatar
Location: Doha
Bank / ATM Name: QNB
Map Location Link: Multiple locations

Country: USA
Location: Washington DC
Bank / ATM Name: Wells Fargo
Map Location Link: Multiple locations


Be best as a wiki if you’re going to compile one :grin:

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Hey @urban

Emma’s suggestion is great, if you’d be happy for me to convert your post I can do this for you?


Agreed! I was thinking a Google spreadsheet, but wiki also works. How do I start one of those?

(Is emma @Rat_au_van?) If you mean convert my post into a wiki…go for it :slight_smile:


There’s a Mastercard app for this:
Mastercard® ATM Locator

It’s not really clear which ones are free (and the app is terrible!)

I know this has been mentioned before and is not quite on topic, but from experience I’d reiterate here to Monzo (or any UK) travellers using foreign machines, note that withdrawing from foreign cards in the local currency can sometimes be quite obscure or hidden in the ATMs menu options. The machine will usually often try to charge you in your home currency (GBP) with a piss poor exchange rate. Always ensure you’re withdrawing in the local currency and then make the most of the MasterCard exchange rate. :slight_smile:

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Good reminder :slight_smile: thanks @Matt.F

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