List of connected apps

There’s the connected apps section in the Monzo app, where you can connect services to Monzo, such as IFTTT and Flux etc.

Does anyone have a list or know of anymore services that can be connected to Monzo other the those two services?

I’ve not heard of anymore but I believe (not 100% sure) that any open banking things show up here…that said I don’t know of any banks which support Monzo in open banking…maybe because IMO it would be a downgrade :wink:

I know in the latest Microsoft 365 update they have a feature to see your transactions in an excel spreadsheet where you can take analysis further from there…if this supports Monzo I’d again imagine it’ll show up in the connected apps section

Any company with appropriate authorization from the FCA or equivalent European body could technically obtain permission to connect to Monzo via open banking. There are hundreds of companies with appropriate authorization. How many of these have actual functional apps and how many connect to Monzo is another matter.

But there are several apps I’m aware of off the top of my head with account aggregation, budgeting or savings functionality which do connect to Monzo via open banking - e.g. Emma, Yolt, Money Dashboad, Moneyhub, Snoop, Revolut, Chip, Plum.

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Moneybox, Tail, Flux, Emma.

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Unfurler is on mine also

What’s Unfurler?

Receipt processing

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I should probably trim this down a bit and pick an aggregator, it’s just that no single one seems to do quite everything I want it to.

I’m not sure why some apps appear twice, it might be once for my main account and once for joint account? Does anyone else know the answer?

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Just found some more:


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