What 3rd party services do you plug Monzo in to?

I’ve been playing with a few aggregator apps like Yolt and Moneyhub as well as looking through the IFTT applets and it got me wondering what else is out there.

What 3rd party apps or products expand on your Monzo experience?

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Emma and Moneyhub.

I’ve tried the two aggregators you mentioned, as well as Emma. I think long term I’m most likely to end up using Emma. I haven’t tried Money Dashboard, who recently announced integration.

Tail is a cashback app that connects with Monzo. I’ve connected it but haven’t actually spent money anywhere that provides cashback - it’s very limited to a few retailers mainly in the eastern part of Central London.

Flux is a digital receipts and loyalty app that is apparently in a closed pilot with Monzo.

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Just Emma, not a great deal else to plug in thus far.

Plum, a savings app, recently integrated with Monzo.
Haven’t tried it myself. There’s a discussion here.