It would be good if Monzo could join the openbanking platform. And even use it for adding stuff like my credit card.

I have apps that put all my accounts together using it and they even get the information about my stocks and pensions as the provider supports it.

Having Monzo show me the balances of all my accounts and also to feed into the system would make life easier.

I use drafty for an overdraft as their charges and interest is much cheaper than my main account and if I could have it talk to Monzo then I would’ve able to close my main account.


89.7% APR? I’m out.

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I’ve no clue about open banking, but I do know that Monzo has an API and that it’s definitely usable, as it’s being used by both Emma and Money Dashboard to my knowledge (and probably others besides).

If your app of choice is not giving the option to show your Monzo accounts, I’d contact them and ask them to include it.

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He wants Monzo to gain aggregator functionality, rather than Monzo showing up in an aggregator

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Yes. That’s it.

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They are considering it, but I would assume its not much of a priority at this stage

In order for marketplace to work in any meaningful sense, it ought to be working its way to the top of the priority list pretty quickly.

Whether this capability is developed in house, or they make a play for a best in class aggregator could make for some interesting discussions…

But having the ability to understand the full financial position of its customers could lead to the development of smarter and fairer financial services products and that’s surely the biggest opportunity here?

Better risk models, super tailored products, real world pre-approval negating hard credit searches, proactive recommendations, predicted outcomes and scenarios taking into account some of the juicy work underpinning behavioural economics and nudge theory… yes, Yes, YES!


Yeah, I hadn’t really thought of it from that perspective, but I think you’re right.

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