LinkedIn Top 25 Startups

(Patrick) #1

Monzo is number one on LinkedIn’s top 25 industry disruptors. :clap:

(Herp Derp) #2

Atom > Starling :joy_cat:


Surprised Starling aren’t there TBH, regardless of what people think; understand Atom with their deposit volumes (I think around £800m +) and lending etc.

( #4

This is how they compiled the lists.

Public perception plays a lot into some of those metrics.

(Eve) #5

That’s interesting, I was expecting more food ones to make the list given how international a lot of them are. Lots of fintech companies thrown about regularly on here that I forget how the general public might not know of them as much. I guess Starling doesn’t seem like a major disrupter as it blends in with other legacy banks, even if it is a lot like Monzo?

(Simon B) #6

I actually got a push notification about it - was pleasantly surprised to see us at the top of the list! :grinning:

(Mark Edmonds) #7

Great to see :mondo: at the top of the list, but the list is a bit flawed to start with…says startups operating in the UK, includes US based firms…seems a bit odd, would have been better to focus on startups that started in the UK…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

Well done Monzo!

Must be a great place to work.