Monzo & Monzo Team Awards 🏆

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It’s always tricky to find somewhere relevant to post this news so I thought I’d start a dedicated topic :slight_smile:

And to kick things off, Monzo’s just been announced as the top tech startup in London by RocketSpace :tada: :tada: :tada:

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It looks like @leah’s been recognised as one of the Digital Financial Services Rising Stars for the The Digital Banking Club’s 2017 Power 50 Awards :clap: :stars:

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I reckon this counts as an award - Wired just put Monzo front & center in their list of the hottest startups in London :boom:

(Jarno’s part of Monzo’s team)

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Apparently Tom’s getting cooler every year :smile: he’s #4 on Business Insider’s 100 coolest people in tech list (up from #73 last year) today :sunglasses:

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