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After seeing the thread about music at pride, I just wondered how much LGBT support Monzo gives. I love the pride icon by the way, I have it set as my icon! Does Monzo go the extra mile with its LGBT staff?


I would like to think that Monzo goes the extra mile for all of their staff, regardless of orientation :sunglasses:


I have it set as my icon too. :grin::rainbow_flag:
But honestly, I’d think Monzo would treat all staff well and their orientation wouldn’t even be a factor.


Something like a quarter identify as LGBQA at Monzo which is way way higher than average so you’d think they have a decent workplace attitude. I think a few have discussed reasons in this forum of why it’s ace. Pretty sure they support lots of various events too. There was a blog update recently about it.

Edit: Not the post I was looking for but has some info on workplace stats that may be useful.

We’ll be participating in London Pride, Brighton Trans pride and London Black Pride this year, as well as other LGBTQA+ events.

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Maybe phrasing it as “going the extra mile” was wrong. I mean more along the lines of inclusivity. Because believe me, there is still a long way to go until everyone is treated equally in this world.


Not necessarily. Equality and equity are not the same thing. LGBT staff/minority staff often have hurdles to have climbed or to climb in their personal and professional life that others may not. Simply having the “same” opportunities does not make equality done and dusted.



Thank you, this is much more the point I was trying to make, but you put it in a much nicer way.



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We need to start young in Primary school - many schools are doing that now!


It’s a good thing then that ‘equity’ is currently still pretty much illegal, since preferential treatment based on race, gender, disability, etc. (besides is being immoral and insulting) was made illegal when everyone wanted equal rights.

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That’s not what equity and equality is.

For example, we allow people with certain disabilities additional time in an exam at school. This is to achieve equity.

A company may fund some form of LGBT society within their company to aid in staff members not feeling they are not welcome.

A university may have lower entry grades from schools in certain areas prone to lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

A company may promote roles in more specific outlets to attract more staff from a minority ethnic background.

Simply recognising, and assisting where reasonable and possible, those who have had to overcome much more than others to get to the same point is absolutely not discrimination and completely legal.

It’s positive action not positive discrimination:

(Also on a side note, there are certain areas where even under equality laws discrimination can occur (normally indirect discrimination) such as a medical profession requiring certain years of active work to advance might be disadvantaged if they are a woman who took time off to have a baby)


These are all forms of discrimination by definition, plain and simple.

Quite frankly, I hate this sort of stuff. This one i have personal experience with (i could use other discriminatory options to give myself an unfair advantage over others if i wanted to as well). I had extra time in exams, I think they discredit the purpose of the exam/courses, and dilute the value of the qualification.

We’ll disagree no doubt, i just personally think most, if not all, of these discriminatory practices are in the long run bad for the people who use them and bad for society.

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The conversation was not about you agreeing or disagreeing with anything here, I was simply explaining that all of this is lawful within Equality legislation.

If you do not believe someone with dyslexia ‘deserves’ an extra 15 minutes then that’s your prerogative. It is, however, completely legal.


What does the QA in LGBTQA stand for?

If it’s queer and alternative I’m gonna scream, only because it’s the first thing I thought of then I thought nah it can’t be…

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I think the best way to explain it is they do the best for every member of staff. They do organise to go to pride events too! They were at London Pride last year.


There’s too many to keep up with now

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It’s Questioning/Queer and Asexual/Allied. I looked it up.

Seems lots of people are confused - in the suggested searches lgbtqiapk?

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I have no idea what that could be and to be honest I already was a little thrown by the original definition. I can only imagine my poor little brain after reading that one. :exploding_head:

Oh…alright then…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin: