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Will it be possible to have a different merchant name show instead of their legal one?

For example:

This top one is Moneybox’s payment on my legacy account it would be handier if that just said Moneybox.

And this one is a subscription payment to, their payments are handled by Xsolla. This one is absolutely one of the more cluttered transaction i have and it would be great if it just said ‘‘Twitch’’ or ‘‘Twitch Subscription’’.


I’m guessing the reason Monzo use the legal names with transactions is for… legal reasons.

You might have paid for a Twitch subscription but the payment was between yourself and Xsolla on behalf of Twitch. It happens elsewhere; for example with Paypal (this is from a Smile/Cooperative Bank account statement):


Whilst I bought a game on Steam, it was completed in Paypal so the transaction was between Paypal and myself on behalf of Steam. History has to be with the payment provider, the same with Twitch. If I could edit the merchant, I could change Xsolla to “Money Laundering Transaction” or “Brexit Exit Fee”. Then my statement would be inaccurate.

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Which types of transactions are you thinking of there?

The crowd sourced merchant names for payments will come back, once the transition is complete (if not before) & friendly names for Direct Debits is covered here -

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