Legacy Monzo Plus Issues

Hey @simonb, it’s difficult to argue with an opinion, especially one that is “part staff, part personal”, because for us forum readers, we’ll never know what things you’ve seen that impact how you feel about things that Monzo do.

For what it’s worth, from the outside looking in, it does feel like the whole Monzo Plus thing wasn’t a case of being allowed to make a mistake, but it was compounded by mistake, after mistake, after mistake - To the point where even the latest update still feels like a mistake.

It’s like everyone else can see it but Monzo can’t? Unless there is a wider message that simply isn’t getting through.

To go back to the 2 quoted parts at the top - Whilst I’d usually agree with you that Monzo doesn’t want the same old, same old… It would appear that the new direction of Plus is actually an intentional decision to rehash what has come before it from the legacy offerings.

From my POV, if Monzo had stuck to offering very good value on “pic ‘n’ mix” options - It would have been a winner - Although it clearly wasn’t viable for the books, and that may be the biggest problem that customers likely won’t care about.

I know Richard has already mentioned that they were going to address it, but the whole refund thing was also a case where Monzo didn’t learn, and offered full refunds to some, and not to others.

The problem (for Monzo), with having this forum, is that despite the many variables of Plus, it’s very easy to find someone else in the exact same situation as you, and ultimately have a different feeling to the outcome based on whether the decision went in your favour or not.

I know if that happened to me with any brand (where I felt I was treated worse than someone else), I’d not use that company again.

As for Plus, if Monzo end up with a bundle that is worse value than an equivalent from another bank, I can already see the moans and groans of how “there’s better value elsewhere”, and as Monzo don’t have the money to offer things that others can… I’m struggling to see how it’ll be any different.

Fingers crossed it does go well, but it would take a monumental turnaround in my eyes.