Legacy banks are fighting back against the Monzo insurrection

(Kolok) #21

For future reference, new bank cards from monzo can be instantly added to Google /Apple pay before the physical card arrives , so that basically mitigates that issue, as you can do cashback from a supermarket. Not 400 quid though.


Can you do cashback with Apple/Google Pay?

At least where I work you have to inserted a physical card (you can’t use contactless or devices). This may be store specific though. I assume it was for checking it wasn’t a credit card so it maybe a requirement just because the POS system is so old.

(Simon) #23

Pretty sure most retailers currently can’t do cashback with contactless.
Apple pay is not limited at some retailers now.
Some legacy banks offer cash machine withdrawals using your phone (I think barclays)
But if monzo was your only account I guess you’d need to transfer money to someone with a card and have them withdraw the cash.
Just googled and America has apple pay enabled atms, not sure if any banks have plans to put them in the uk.


I think that’s only for your first card from Monzo.

(Gavin) #25

HSBC has been doing this for a while. You deal with machines in their bigger branches, unless you have a pre-arranged appointment. Most of the smaller branches around Cardiff have closed.


CASS does this for you (if you’re willing to close the old account)

(Josh Lindl) #27

It does. I kept my legacy as I have my mortgage with them. I also dont pay a fee for private banking that includes travel insurance and a few other benefits (a perk from my employer) so I told my employer of the change to Monzo myself. I wouldnt be counted in the CASS numbers but I am fullmonzo


Only if you have a phone with NFC.

(Andy) #29

Legacy Bank IT Manager: “thanks for working late the past month on freezing cards, we’re just like Monzo now. But I need to ask… have they done anything this week?”
Legacy Bank Developer (weeping): “This week? Integration with Flux, receipt APIs, Business Accounts, something as yet unknown with Pret, a partnership with Octopus, and Monzo Plus.”
Legacy Bank IT Manager: “Erm okay, I’m a gonna have to ask you to work through your lunch break for the next year, and stay late, oh and possibly every weekend…”



Well put! Incumbents have doggy paddled through choppy waters but… tidal waves are now on the horizon.
:ocean: :ocean: :ocean: :ocean: :ocean: :scream:

(Simon) #31

Lloyds can’t seem to turn of paper statements for me (solution was to change them to yearly… “you’ll get less then”). :roll_eyes: