Left to spend- manually add in £ your expecting

In “left to spend” would be great to be able to add planned income you’ve got coming in. Add your salary isn’t quite working and isn’t the same for one off or irregular payments.


Have you set a spending budget for your Summary yet? (That’s in Summary > Budgets).

You can set that to whatever you choose so I think you should be able to take any income that you’re expecting into account when you set that figure or am I missing something? :sweat_smile:


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I dont think that’s quite the same thing. Getting money isnt the same as not spending it, and trying to merge them can get confusing, depending on the pattern of ins and outs.

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Not quite the same thing,
I may not be planning to spend the money in my budget but the money left can get confusing when I know I have 10 payments due in throughout the money so I don’t actually have £75 left for the month I have £250 but I’m still working that out manually

Ok I see what you mean - you don’t want to mess up your budget for the month by adding income that you’re not planning to spend.

If you’re not planning to spend it though, what’s the benefit of recording the income that you’re expecting in advance? Couldn’t you just look at your balance, once the payments have come in, to see how much money you have left to spend?

Again, I’m not saying this wouldn’t be beneficial, I’m just trying to understand what outcome you’re trying to achieve here.