Launching 3D Secure!


I’d guess minimum levels are sure - the same as “must not need JavaScript”, but does anyone really think that same list would have allowed push notifications to be added if you’re only allowed to choose from a fixed set of 3DS-approved mechanisms? :blush:

(MikeF) #125

Push notifications aren’t a verification mechanism so I doubt the standard would care about the use of them.

(Rob) #126

Used 3D Secure for the first time and big :+1:t2:’s up Monzo, you’ve implemented it perfectly from my view. Keep on the good work.

(Peter Shillito) #127

Anyone know of a new fintech bank that doesn’t have 3D Secure? :rofl:

(Glenn Lewis) #128

Just used it again, this time on a website, not an app, so I got to use the in-app feature.


Tapped the notification, popped in my PIN, and done. Can’t speak highly enough of it.

(Andre Borie) #129

Starling. :wink:

But then you get way worse than 3D secure annoyances.

(Fer Saravia) #130

Hello :slight_smile:

I just want to report an issue that started happening recently and it might not affect many people but certainly affects me.

I have a pay as you go mobile phone account and when I run out of money I usually top up online using my monzo card. When you dont have any money left in your phones account, you have no internet, but you can still use your phone’s provider website ( in my case). That allows you to top up from the website with no full internet.

Since a few days ago, when trying to pay online, Monzo is redirecting to the “Monzo verify” webpage (attaching screenshot) which is not accesible when you have no data left to consume, because it is not inside This makes the whole process fail and leaves me without the possibility of topping up.

Here’s the screenshot of the page that was supposed to load but failed when topping up with no data left. (This was obviously taken when I had WiFi)


I imagine this is something Three would have to whitelist on their end. But hopefully Monzo can apply some pressure to get them to sort it too.

(Jack) #132

Hey @fersarr,

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here where there’s ongoing feedback regarding the 3D Secure implementation.

Hopefully @Rika can shed some light onto any possible workarounds for this.

(Rika Raybould) #134

We’re in contact with several mobile networks (Three included) to convince them to whitelist us for this reason. It’s the same workaround they’ve done for every other UK bank as far as we can tell.


I wouldn’t recommend this, as a personal customer. I may use Starling as a business option going forward, but this says more about the business banking market than Starling.

From experience, the support is terrible (at best) and should you be defrauded (which 3DS helps against) you’re on your own.


Is there no logic behind when to ask for verification? I keep getting asked to verify despite similar amounts at the same merchant using the same device in the same location.

(MikeF) #137

It’s down to the merchant as far as I understand it.


It’s down to the merchant to ask for 3D secure or not but as far as I know it’s up to Monzo to decide whether to require verification or waive me through.

I haven’t been asked for 3D secure on regular transactions for close to a decade using traditional banks.

(MikeF) #139

OK, I see what you’re asking now. No, there’s no logic at the moment I believe. If the merchant asks then it will be done. Applying some level of intelligence to the requests will come in a later iteration I think.


Oh well, guess that’s the last time I use Monzo then. This is too much of an inconvenience

(MikeF) #141

Really?? OK.

(Tom) #142

Yeah, I hear him. I really REALLY don’t want to be that ‘toys out of pran’ person but this is a bit of a game changer for me.

I make lots of transactions online when I phone is not accessible to me, and I’m getting asked all the time now to auth a transaction.

I’ve even started moving my Monzo cash into my NatWest account in order to make internet transactions, sad really :frowning:.


Not sure why Monzo’s implementation is so rigid - I have done few transactions where Barclays have just not bothered with extra verification but for same sort of transactions I am presented with Monzo 3D secure.
Barclays is, of course, Visa but I am guessing same sort of logic applies.

(MikeF) #144

I think they just haven’t got that far yet so I’m assuming that the next iteration will introduce some sort of pass-through method of determining what transaction the bank are prepared to take the risk on. We just haven’t got there yet. :man_shrugging: