Launching 3D Secure!


Not for me. :man_shrugging:

(Peter Shillito) #104

You have to turn on fingerprint/face authorisation for everything for it to work for 3D Secure I believe, which is not really what I want to do, but I’ve just turned it on to see how it goes.

(Stephen Spencer) #105

Hmm yes I have it turned on for everything but it’s annoying. Tap notification, wait 5s for app to load, give fingerprint to open app, tap merchant 3ds item, tap authorise, give fingerprint again.
I shouldn’t have to do the last three actions because they are just reaffirming my intent/auth that I’ve already given in the first two!

(Peter Shillito) #106

I fully agree. The act of authorising the app to open should be enough for 3D Secure payments. They don’t need an additional authorisation step like when you send money out of the account directly.

(MikeF) #107

Remember that not everyone has to authorise the app to open it…

(Is Santa here yet?) #108

Might be why I have to use the PIN, I don’t lock my app


I really like it.

However, I’d prefer to tap on the notification and be taken straight to the authorise screen.

If possible, I’d also be okay with not having to use fingerprint to authorise it. I’d assume access to my phone and Monzo app (I don’t lock monzo) is sufficient anyway.

Having said that none of this is a big deal but would make it even more frictionless.

Longer term, the ability to authorise straight from the notification would be great. And also, smarter detection by Monzo on wether a transaction needs to go through 3DS. I’m fairly sure Monzo want the same, but it takes time.

P.S. I don’t lock my app and 3DS asks for finger print to confirm? Android Beta here. Has everyone got the fingerprint for authentication setting on?

(Peter Shillito) #111

Solution: If you authorised the app to open, don’t ask again for 3D Secure. If you haven’t authorised the app to open, ask for authentication for 3D Secure.


I’d be cool with that :point_up:

Id just like to go straight to to the authorising bit rather than to the feed first.

(Tom) #113

Honestly, this is horrible for me.

I sit there, 20:30 PM, ordering tomorrows milk delivery which costs 0.85p, my phone is charging upstairs and I need to auth a transaction for that small amount.

Please can I have the option to use the old fashioned method of 3D secure, having to have a (charged) phone next to me when completing the vast amount of online orders is horrible.

(Rika Raybould) #114

Could you let me know the merchant? I’ll try and get in touch with them.

They should not really be requesting further authentication from us on a 85p transaction. :disappointed:


Yeah, this is ridiculous. I don’t know the rules around this but 3DS shouldn’t be requested and, if it is, probably not honoured. It’s things like this that make me cross - institutions making customers jump through hoops for no tangible benefit.

(Now, there might be a case around fraud or confirming a card is live, but the industry really needs to get its aCT together here).

(Tom) #116

Yes, sure. MilkAndMore.

(lee) #117

I’m sick of it asking for trivial amounts. I bought a birthdaycard n got harassed by this. Why do some other banks manage to not hassle you for silly amounts?

(MikeF) #118

I think we’ve already had that discussion on a different thread so it’s probably not worth going through it again. The bigger question for me is why the merchants demand it for silly small amounts.

(lee) #119

Except Monzo aren’t going to fix every other financial organisation, so it should focus on what it can do itself.

(Tom) #120

But why not give us the option to use the standard web 3D secure service? Why are we forced to use the mobile one?

(MikeF) #121

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ web 3D secure interface.

I know what you mean since all other banks do pretty much the same thing but Monzo doesn’t have any software that does that. Thus you are ‘forced’ to do what the Monzo code allows.


They could email a one-time approval link, or allow web.monzo approvals for a device-less UX which is “as secure as logging into your account” :wink:

(MikeF) #123

They ‘could’ do quite a few things although I believe there is an approved list of what’s permitted so it isn’t a free-for-all by any means.