Launching 3D Secure!

(Glenn Lewis) #145

Well considering that Monzo is a bank account that is run on your phone, the fact that you sometimes can’t access your phone means that Monzo isn’t for you. Nevermind.:slightly_smiling_face:


IMHO, this along with joint accounts could do with spending some time in Labs.


There was pressure to get 3DS done because some websites simply won’t let you pay for anything if the card issuer doesn’t support 3DS.


It could still stay in Labs because if someone really needed this they could switch this on. :ok_man:

(MikeF) #149

I think that had more to do with the risk to Monzo of leaving it off for transactions where merchants requested it.


Just used this for the first time, so much better than putting in a password and I expect more secure. Great work.

(Jonathon) #151

This might have been mentioned (so apologies) but is there any way to either get rid of or reduce the times the “kaching” sound is made when using 3D Secure?

I don’t need to hear it the first time I open the app to authorise the transaction.

Right now I hear it then, and then again when I have authorised it.

(Peter Shillito) #152

I’ve been pushing for the removal of the sound effect for a while. It’s not necessary when combined with the notifications.


I may be very late to the party but 3D Secure in the latest Android Beta (?) has changed slightly. Tapping the notification takes you straight to authorising the transaction (instead of to the feed first). :dancer:

(Daniel White) #154

Used 3D Secure twice today whilst moving everything over to Monzo, really nice implementation compared to what legacy banks use.

Only thing I wish, which echos some people’s requests for it to be available directly in the push notification, is being able to Approve or Decline from my Apple Watch. This would also have the added benefit of not having to leave apps to go into the Monzo App.

I currently use this all the time with Duo Mobile.

(MikeF) #155

I don’t imagine the Apple Watch meets the biometric security requirement (unless the new one has some really beefed up features!).


Apple patented a method of IDing someone from their heart readings using the built-in sensor. This hasn’t really been deployed yet but would be interesting if so. Alternatively, depending on how well they can reduce the size of the Face ID sensor, that could be built into the watch face at some point. Interesting options that hopefully will get developed in time.

(Andre Borie) #157

I am still not sure we need any kind of extra security. The main point of 3D-Secure is two-factor authentication and the possession of the phone/watch counts as your second factor already.

(MikeF) #158

Yeah, I don’t know. There was something in the options that @Rika quoted (from Mastercard) and the biometric was the one chosen for the current implementation rather than password etc. I don’t know what the others were and I can’t find a reference.


That depends on what you’re securing. It’s easy to argue that simple possession of something is not the same as authentication or authorisation. If you lose your card and someone picks it up, as they now possess it are they authorised to use it to purchase something or to authenticate themselves using your identity?

(Simmy) #160

Paid for something earlier for the first time via 3D secure if thats what it’s called, and i was impressed.
I like how you have to authorise the transaction via fingerprint. I think this should be the norm for all transactions online, it would make it much safer

(Ravi) #161

Had to make a Gumtree payment last night which needed authenticating with 3DS.

The push notification came through instantly but when I tapped it the page failed to load in the Monzo app. Had to revert to using an SMS code like a animal.

(Max Isaac) #162

Some apps do not allow you to exit out and open another app while doing a payment, and sometimes it is more convenient to just accept a notification on your lockscreen than having to unlock your phone, open an app and perform an action. I have done some designs of what the process for performing a 3D Secure transaction could look like with 3D touch functionality. I am aware, however, that this process conflicts with how Monzo currently handles 3D secure (you must enter your card PIN), so maybe we could replace entering the card PIN with Touch ID instead?

(Andy) #163

This has been raised a few times - latest response from @Rika was:

So all in all it’s doable but unlikely to be anytime soon.

(Jonathon) #164

Noticed yesterday that when getting a text for a payment to American Express it’s now taking 5/6 minutes for it to be received, and not fairly instantly like it used to.

Slightly annoying - is this a known thing?