Last updated indicator


I’ve had quite a few instances where my total figure was slow to update, or hadn’t updated at all due to slow network issues - which caught me out. Is there anyway to put an easy to see marker near the total to show that the total hasn’t updated since the last launch? Or something along the same lines? :smiley:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

There’s been a bit of discussion about this here too -

On the iPhone, you can see that the app’s trying to retrieve the latest data because the spinner’s spinning, at the top of your screen.

Or if you have no connection, a warning banner also appears, “poor connection, so some features won’t work”.

Is there not something similar on Android phones?

Once you get into the habit of checking that, I’d have thought, you can rely on it (I do anyway) or does that not work for you?


A running balance next to each entry would be great when network problems as could just refer to last days balance and a quick bit of mental arithmetic gives you the balance that is having trouble updating

(Patrick) #4

Android does show it at the bottom.

I’ve also noticed though that it only shows on first start-up of app. It may be worth to also have the check/display of this notice also on OnResume.