Hide (or warn) when balance might be incorrect due to poor connection

(Dave) #1

Currently, the balance shown may not be correct if you have not had a good internet connection since your last purchase. I’ve just come back from a trip in America where my signal was awful, and my Mondo app was telling me confidently that I had £100+ to spend when that wasn’t really the case - I was aware of it, of course, but it’s an easy thing to forget a small purchase and end up with slightly less than the app is telling you is there - possibly ending in a declined transaction, embarrassment, and the inability to top up (due to a bad connection).

So there’s a simple solution that would at least partly help - if the app detects a bad connection, it either hides the balance or warns that it may not be correct. I’m not a designer, so I won’t suggest how this could be done, but I know that it’d be a small thing to implement and could potentially be something that you guys haven’t thought of!

(Andrew Ross) #2

Good idea. I’ve had a similar problem in my local town where the signal is patchy.

(Amol Narkar) #3

Message displayed when I had no data connection. Are you looking for something like this, please?

(Dave) #4

I have seen that notification bar also, but I don’t think it’s clear enough (and is very easily swiped away and forgotten about). What I had in mind was more like hiding the current balance, or showing ‘unavailable’ (with the previous known balance shown in small font).


As shown above the message is “Poor connection…”. But even if you have no connection (e.g. no mobile data and no wifi) the message is the same. That seems confusing. It should say something like “No data connection” instead.

Is that an iOS problem or can it be coded differently by Mondo in the app? (I’m not familiar with iOS apps so much).