Last night, something made me think

Sorry but I’m only working until 2am this week.

Very cool! 8)

Well, I just wish CEOs of other banks didn’t take the attitude that their customers should NEVER be allowed to contact them! Years ago I could call the Chairman of Lloyd’s Bank and, at least, get to talk to his PA, but now, even if you can find the CEO’s email address you know he’ll just punt it to a Customer Services person so the problem just won’t get fixed. I’ve been trying to get there branches to be able to do “Faster Payments” to my Monzo account for ten weeks now. But it’s still stopped by an invalid Sort Code message… Doesn’t the CEO think that he should know when his bank cannot perform the simplest of clearing bank tasks?

But, at least Monzo is unlikely to make that mistake with their CEO!

I emailed the CEO of RBS Group and while the couriered response was signed on his behalf, it was done by someone in the executive office and not passed to customer service. The reply said they were acting on his instruction, and resolved the issue. So some of the high street banks are better than others.

I recieved this once, so they definitely do read some of the emails that are sent directly to them! :sunglasses: there was a reply from him to the customer as well, but I won’t post it all haha

Image edited for data protection. But hey, it was 5 years ago :yum:


Hmm, well, ten days and counting and they STILL haven’t fixed the sort-code database that the counter system reads?

If I was a bank CEO (or even an area manager or similar) I’d want to get that fixed in a hurry! But, apparently, the Lloyds CEO doesn’t see it that way. Can’t help wondering if the “minions” think they’re doing the right thing by by-passing the CEO and shunting the email on to someone way down the pecking order…

Great service from Monzo, always friendly, helpful and I feel a personal touch, saying that I don’t tend to speak to the in chat team a lot
Because I don’t face many issues which speaks for itself :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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