Nagging Mum Pots Puzzle

(Simon Tomes) #1

Told my mate about the idea of a Pots puzzle, the one that helps you think twice about moving money out of a Pot.

He suggested a recording of your mum giving you grief would do the job. Genius!

It got me thinking…

Imagine that as a marketing campaign! Record your best nagging Mum video, share it, community votes on the favourites, prizes galore.

Hey, and even get to use your own “Nagging Mum” video as a Pots Puzzle.

What do ya reckon?


I think you mean “Wise and timely parental advice mum”, surely.

(Simon Tomes) #3

Totally! I think it’s better put like that. :grinning:



If they don’t implement it you could use her photo as the cover for pots. That might make you feel guilty enough.