Labs: The Launch streaming here from 7pm

Monzo Labs is a new way to get early access to features, give us feedback on them and help us build the best bank in the world.

Join us for an intro to this new section of the app, as we turn on an exciting mystery feature (across iOS and Android) in Monzo Labs live on the night!

Head of Marketing and Community Tristan Thomas will be giving us the lowdown on this new home for hands-on previews.

Then, hear some insights from the team behind the very first early access feature to Labs before we press the big red button!


Whoop! See you there :slight_smile: #onthetrain :wink:

Very excited :slight_smile:

I’m positively moist with anticipation.



That… word.

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:joy: I like that word

I’m going to be watching :+1:

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@Naji will pax who are not present be able to gain access to the new feature?

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The word “anticipation” isn’t that bad.


I’ll try and catch the streamed version as always. I’m not going to get into the city from here at this point. :frowning:

Just saying

This might sound like a dumb question, but I’m not a big YouTube viewer…

I won’t be home in time for a 7pm kick off. More likely 7:20 at the earliest (yay for huge commutes!). If I start watching at that point, am I able to rewind the stream and start from the beginning or do I have to jump in mid-way? Does anyone know?

You can definitely rewind live streams on the iOS YouTube app. I would assume you can on web/Android as well.


You should be able to rewind on web and after it normally turns to a video


Sound is out of sync also camera keeps going light and dark

I can haz labz nao



My coin jar is a greyed out zero :thinking:

Mine is showing

Bet it’s because I added an emoji to the name last night so it’s treating it like it was just created :confounded:

@BethS do you have the same coin jar issue?

All set up with the new Summary :slight_smile:

FINALLY can set my months!

I about had a heart attack when I saw my coin jars until I realised it was just the total for the last month :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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