Labs Feedback: Summary 📊

(Robin Zaragoza) #525

Mine says I could run out of money this month, but it’s hard to figure out why it’s saying that. I need to be able to connect better my income, committed expenses, and how I’m currently spending in the other categories.

(Jami Welch) #526

Right now the ‘you’re running out’ is determined by calculating how much of your ‘spending money’ (income - committed and pots) is left, compared to how much of the month is left.

If you have a lower % of money left than time, Summary thinks you might run out.

This rule is currently a bit too strict, so we plan to add a bit of tolerance to it soon.

For the time-being, If you make a large one-off payment, excluding it will re-adjust your dial accordingly.

(EJ) #527

Completely agree with you. Based on algorithm that does not reflect accurately depending on the relation between how you’ve spent and how you likely spend. I don’t find this helpful


Am I supposed to see my direct debits under Commited Spending?

(Jeremy) #529

I am sure its been mentioned before, but average daily expenditure (and remaining £ per day) would be a great feature.

(Jami Welch) #530

No, not yet - but it’s the plan!

(doutatsu) #531

Is it me or Commited Spending doesn’t work? I don’t have anything in that category, but I’ve seen people have it populated in some screenshots here…

(Daniel Edwards) #532

I like the idea of this, but to me it doesnt make sense right now. I have two weeks left of my “set payday” and £300 in my account, yet it thinks im going to run out of money and im in the red. Im fairly certain i wont run out of money, so its perhaps a bit OTT!?


Would be good to be able to mark certain income as salary currently showing as transfers for me. Or to be able to set a specific date as payday regardless of whether money comes into my monzo account on that date

(Emma Jaggs) #534

Set a flexible monthly budget. I happened to go on holiday at the start of the month and spent more than I usually do. So now my ring says I’m going to run out of money when I won’t. It makes it useless and a bit depressing!


All I want is for it to know that I get paid on the last working day of the month so that each month it will know how many days I’ll have. Until then, not for me

(Dan) #536

I love the new idea of allowing us to set our pay day, having to budget in a normal month, was always a grip of mine.

However, this feature (unless I am missing something) only works if your salary is paid into Monzo. Mine is not, and it wont be. I use monzo to be a seperate budget and I send my monthly spends to it, on pay day, as a top up.

Please can we have the option to simply manually set our pay days? Or to mark a top up as salary.

Thank you,

(MikeF) #538

You can, as long as the top up is over £500 (although this value may change in future).


I’m not sure if anybody has posted this issue already, although I did make an effort to skim read through and check…

I get paid on the third Thursday of each month. This is when I transfer my spends into Monzo. My pay date therefore changes by a fair amount and the gap between paydays can either be 4 or 5 weeks. Are there plans to accommodate this kind of fluctuation?

Thanks in advance

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #540

Already has! :wink:

At least as of 1.27.1 :smiley:

I can now see my Salary and Dividend payments on the ‘salary date selection’ screen thingy :tada: (Salary >£500 Dividend <£500) :slight_smile:

I can select either and the start/end date has a 30 day diff. Not sure what the minimum has changed to :thinking: but it’s lower than £500 now :slight_smile:

(kai taylor) #541

Please please please add weekly support. First I requested for weekly targets and am still patiently waiting, but now it looks like targets will be replaced with summaries. So again I ask please add weekly support.


Been using the spending section for a few weeks now. My initial thoughts and feedback!

I’m REALLY not a fan of the more/less buttons. Do they need to be there at all? If they have to be there can it be a toggle please? I find myself pressing it all the time. I never want to have to press it again! I like being able to flick to this screen and see my spending on each category instantly.
As an alternative could the headings themselves not activate the drop down?
At the moment it’s not possible to see all the spending, committed spending, income and pots sections at the same time. However if they were collapsible to just the heading you’d be able to see them all together on one screen. And therefore the net movement of money into and out of each section all at the same time.
In this case the more/less tab could simply be used to show/hide the greyed out or unused categories.

There seem to be a lot of use cases mentioned, but personally I want to be able to set a monthly spending amount of ‘x’ per month which refreshes on the 1st of the month and the summary wheel reflect the remaining ‘x’ amount - spent, committed etc…
This would be independant of how much money goes into the account each month.
Does anyone know if this is the way targets are going to work or is this something different?

I miss not being able to swipe left and right to move between months. Can this make a comeback?

As a separate issue none of my regular transactions or direct debits are showing in committed spending. I assume this will fix itself with future updates.

The spending wheel is also terrible at predicting how much I’m going to spend. I have more money in my account than I’ve ever had and it thinks I’m going to run out?

Positive transfers need to show up in categories for this to really be useful as mentioned by many others.

I’m also not sure I see the benefit of balance carried forward being used as income?


I think we need to able to assign outbound and inbound transfers to categories.

I pay for food. My friend sends me the money via bank transfer and it shows up in income. This skews the eating out category to make it look like I’ve spent loads on food when I haven’t. This happens for cinema tickets, bills etc… etc…

It would make more sense to me if transfers showed up in finances. There could be an option/toggle so that anything put into the finances category could be assigned to income?

(Oli) #544

I like the idea, but sadly for me, it’s not really any use. I know that my use case is not one wanted by Monzo, but I do wish there was still support for it. I do all my spending on my Monzo, minus bills which go out of a seperate house account, and top up £100 each week and that is my spending. Unfortunately, I have no way to tell the app this, it then tries to make some very odd guesses and fails to give me any useful information. At this point, the old breakdown was far more useful, because I could see each month how much of the £400 I’d spent and could see for the current month how much of the £400 total I had left to spend.

It’d be nice if I could press the ‘Add Salary’ button and specify £100 a week, or even £400 a month and have some somewhat useful data to go on.

(MikeF) #545

Bear in mind that this is only an early trial build covering a very limited set of circumstances at the moment. It’s already been stated a couple of times that the plan is to widen this out to be more use to more people as time goes on.