Labs Feedback: Summary 📊


That’s the plan but ideally it should be done automatically from past history but an option to mark as recurring would be good. Even more ideally the app should be smart enough to prompt questions when it detects payments to ask if that ones a subscription/recurring payment.

Same for income if you haven’t set it, it should prompt a question when it detects one or sees a pattern in your history. That’s the sorta stuff I’m excited for but I guess they’ve gotta get the basic stuff done first.

(Jorge) #506

I’m all up for this, however some “recurring” subscriptions get billed and charged on different days, for instance, my Apple Music subscription gets billed around the 28th-30th and charged between the 1st and the 3rd, but it’s never the same date every month!

(Dan Youster) #507

Yeah I see what you mean. So if we could at least categorise them as Subscriptions, Monzo would know to expect that charge again next month, even though the actual date may differ each time.

(Jorge) #508

Yeah, I think categories are smart enough for that. I remember first time I bought something at Co-op it would bill it as Eating Out but once you change it as groceries, any following purchases will go under the new category,


And at the very least it should be able to provide an estimated date range on previous history.

(Steven Joyce) #510

Could we not just mark the pay transaction as salary? And the app could work out the rest lol

(Jack) #511

Something to consider… if you exclude a transaction from summary. Should it also then be excluded from the “Spent Today” figure at the top of the app, including any further spending notifications?
I made a transfer to a savings account of mine. Technically this isn’t money I’ve spent so I excluded it from my summary. But it still shows in the two areas mentioned above.


I still have the issue of net spend with the new summary lay out. I often pay for group activities and people reimburse me. Unless I’ve missed something I can’t net this off against my spend so it looks like I spend a hell of a lot more than I do.

(Jami Welch) #513

We have work planned to make this more robust and discoverable, but for the meantime, we have a little band-aid fix in place.

If people pay you back via Monzo, and you categorise the payment (as something other than General) it’ll credit that Spending category, reducing your overall spend.

Hope this helps a little whilst we work on a better approach.

(Michael Burt) #514

Do we know what day this week you’re going to release targets?


Hi Jami, thanks for the response. Yeah that would work just fine. Unfortunately it’s not picking up my payment received even though it’s categorised entertainment. Also I can’t change the category now, seems frozen. I know it’s in development, I’m also on android, so I’ll happily be patient.

(David) #516

Should be setup so that users can manually select “reporting” dates, rather than the app defaulting to the last main income

(Keri) #517

Does anyone else have a pot showing that they have since deleted?

(Remco) #518


I have managed to have exactly £0 in my account (sad I know) and the app says that I have enough money left to last me another 22 days. I’ve blurred this months spending, but its more than a few hundred so the algorithm may not work when the balance is zero.


(Alex Sherwood) #519

Did you delete it in the month that the summary period that you’re looking at covers or before?

(Jami Welch) #520

Hey - Deleted Pots are still shown if money moved in or out of them during the month. Am I right in thinking the amount you put into the pot is the same as was removed? That would be why £0 is shown here.

(Jami Welch) #521

Hey there,

Are you using the newest version of the app? This should be fixed with the newest update.

(Remco) #522

Ah, I feel silly now. Thanks. I’ve updated the app and its fixed.


I like these changes so far. It would be more helpful if pots showed the pennies as well as the pounds.

(Keri) #524

Thank you that explains it.