Labs Feedback: Summary 📊

(Robert ) #21

The design looks awesome but having poked around for a good couple of minutes … how do I change my target spending value for the month, and in the new view how can I even see the target total value without adding together the spent value and the too spend value?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #22

Instead of a drop down to choose mobeth can we just swipe left or right as that’s how it was before and it’s a lot easier and faster


Or at least use bank transfer over card

(Jack) #24

Loving it so far, below is a list of points I’ve picked up on, I know some of them are planned to be ironed out anyway as this is MVP, but thought I’d still list them:

  1. Currently it doesn’t seem to include any data from the prepaid cards, is this going to be included in the future? Thanks for pointing this out @BethS

  2. If you decide to turn off the feature will your previously set targets and data still be there, vice versa if you turn it back on after you turned it off or when it fully launches will any changes you originally made still be there?

  3. I had to set my salary twice for it to permanently take effect (Bug)?

  4. Will there be a way to only exclude part of a transaction from your spending? For example I paid for my friends cinema tickets together along with mine, they all then FPS me the money, so for now I’ve excluded the whole transaction from my spend as my ticket price is only a small proportion of the actual spend. I presume this ties into offsetting balance increases against payments.

  5. I understand from the event that Direct Debits are yet to be included in the calculation so that cool.

  6. I understand that this is the initial version… but on previous sneak peaks it showed the ability to mark an item as any category + mark it as expenses. Is this still planned along with similar for holidays and the ability of what appeared to allow you to mark transfers as internal to yourself even though it was going out of monzo? (I think this was a new category).

  7. Being able to swipe left and right on the dial to go to different months may be easier than clicking on the little month header.

  8. Photo below shows a quirky bug with the text:

  9. Even though my salary is set the photo gives the indication it’s not:

That’s it for now :sweat_smile: can’t wait to see the feature evolve! :smiley::rocket::monzo:

(Jack) #25

I’m sure you’re sick of seeing this by now but I’d definitely like to see support for uneven pay dates if that’s possible. I’m paid on the last working day of each month (or the day before if that’s a non-working day).

Not a big deal but it means the summary is two days off for me this month as an example.

(Dre) #26

As Monzo doesn’t yet support joint accounts and only works with 1 credit agency my salary is staying with my other bank where my salary, my wife’s salary and my bills all come out of the same account. I’m not a complete dinosaur with my finances and do love my Monzo account as my spending account. The main reason is the spending tab and the ability to set targets. With this latest release it looks like me and Monzo want to go in separate directions. They want over £500 paid in, for the above reasons I won’t be paying in more than that. As a result this means I’ll never be able to set my pay day? Fingers crossed this becomes more flexible soon.


Me too, although I don’t get my first pay into Monzo until tonight, so they have a few hours to improve it :wink:

(Emma (still not the app)) #28

Not useful for me with the way I add money weekly but I like the layout/design (I always just retrospectively adjusted my targets to make them fit) so I’m keeping it.


Would it help you to moving money over to add monthly and relying on it to guide you? :thinking:


Appreciate this!! :raised_hands: I’m sure the people designing this will, as well!

We’re looking at including Direct Debits in committed spend in the future :ok_hand:


My dates are Apr 17 - Mar 16 underneath ‘left to spend’

Why’s that?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #32

It says in planned under general I’m gonna spend £281 on the 30th April… erm… no I’m not lol


Is your payday now set as April 17th? :thinking:

(Jack) #34

Anytime! As I notice things I’ll note it down and create another post in a few days or something :slight_smile:


Ah of course ha

I’m thinking it was the year not the month :joy:

I like it

Does planned spending cover direct debits?


Not just yet

(Andy Barnes) #37

Looks great! Have targets been removed temporarily or am I not looking in the right place?

(Jack) #38

Temp removal yes

(Dan) #39

My only fault I can find at the moment is it takes into account money paid into Pots… so I got paid on 24th but I’m already in the red… which isn’t right because I transferred lots into different pots from last months pay on 24th after pay day…

Does this make sense to anyone except me? :rofl:

(Andy Barnes) #40

So, because it’s doing it for the full month and you whacked loads in pots straight away, it’s put you straight in the red?