Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

I may be missing something but:

  1. Having set up the scheduling details for a Pot, I can’t see those details once saved. As a result, I can’t check whether I’ve created the Pot correctly.

  2. It would be a great extension if one could set the number of payments as part of the schedule.


Payments > Scheduled Payments ?

You’re a gentleman and a scholar. It’s been a long day.


(Item 2 still holds?)

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Ah I never let mine go that low :rofl:

I have encountered an issue with this enabled whereby entering the pot name, then using the ‘next’ key on the keyboard will force the app to close. iPhone 8, iOS 11.4.1, 2.7.0

Hi @Mikeasaurus this has been flagged up in

Hopefully fix inbound soon!

I’ve noticed on a few occasions the bar isn’t accurately displaying how close I am to the goal. If I then save the same goal again it changes to a more accurate representation.

The notifications to save could perhaps be an option that can be switched on and off? That way if you want the extra push to save you can choose to have it. If you don’t like the reminders then don’t switch them on. Just a thought. I like the idea.

Any updates on this @cookywook, similar to what you have been providing us with on the JA thread? Be good to see what the teams thoughts are and if they’ve taken any of the feedback on! :slight_smile:


The new goals are amazing and the message on meeting a goal is a nice touch.

I love it, originally had all my goal on a spreadsheet so this I can do away with it.

Looking forward to pots on the joint accounts


I find that the bar chart doesn’t display correctly when the app has just started but does correct itself when you scroll away and back!



This is exactly what I need. Other banks have this and its very useful for saving specific amounts requires by a certain date (renewals, holidays, etc.). Id go further and say that Monzo could make this smarter than other banks, since pots allow for scheduled payments and to round up transactions, it might be useful to have options to stop these when a goal is reached, or to restart them when a goal is reached and the money is moved out of the pot.


I think it would be great to be able to set targets for your savings pots and it could show you your progress in the form of a percentage and bar on the picture part.

You can. Choose the pot, settings and then goal



I think this feature needs to be enabled in labs first to be able to use it


Yes you need to enable it in labs first then you can do this


Thank you! How come I don’t have that option?




Go to labs on your profile settings and enable it (I forgot it was a labs thing not a full release :see_no_evil:)

Account >Profile> Monzo labs

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This is my second month as a Monzo customer so practically everything is new for me, however I specifically wanted to let you know about how Pot Goals™ have helped me.

I’m taking my elderly mother to Holland for a few days in September and from a standing start I’ve been able to budget and pay for pretty much everything. Rather than having lists or notes I created a pot with a goal for each component for the trip.

Train tickets pot - tick emoji: hotel pot: patlrtially ticked emoji…

I’ve been able to forecast how much I needed to spend for each part, fill a pot for it over two months and pay for the component of the holiday and knownts all looked after

I know how much I have left to pay for the final bits and all that without having to think “I need to make sure I don’t spend this”.

I have had a couple of occasions when a pot is around 50% full but the bar shows more like 80% but that’s sporadic.

I’d love to have the ability to set a pot with a goal of say £100 and a target of say two weeks so my pot could tell me how much I need to save each week. That would be great.

Really enjoying this feature very much. I’ve never had so much money left over each month th AND im paying for a holiday for two people!!!