Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(James Wheatley) #285

Not sure if this has been mentioned but I feel that the “Add someone not on Monzo” button should be on the screen before?


I have to admit that no seeing the non-monzo option in the first screen confused me the first time I used the latest version of bill splitting. I also wondered if selecting Next would result in an action I wouldn’t be able to reverse.

(Harry) #287

Bill splitting and coin jar is an interesting one. I’d like to see the money I pay to other users rounded, not sure how possible that is that though!

(Jack) #288

The non Monzo friends are certainly listed in a very strange order (see below), but definitely good progress so far!


Splitting with an non Monzo user from my joint account sent the money to my personal account so now my categories are all broken :disappointed_relieved:

(Paul) #290

Used this feature recently. The person wasn’t a Monzo customer so it sent the link but when they tried to pay, there was no Apple Pay option (they have it on) but just the Enter Card Details option. He entered his debit card info and there was no Next button or Send button visible. There was no where to go after entering card details. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a Bill Splitting bug. In the end I said dinner was on me :slightly_smiling_face:


Am I missing something? Trying to bill split with non Monzo users but the only option is to invite to Monzo.

(Ataul) #292

Hi krr13, this is the behaviour when you have no Monzo contacts at all. Will look into this, thanks for the feedback!



(Robin Bilgil) #294

I’m happy to announce that bill splitting has left labs, and we’ve rolled it out the wide world of all Monzo users!

Thanks so much for using it over the last month and providing loads of feedback. We’ve fixed the show-stopping bugs you reported and added the top-requested missing feature of adding non-monzo users. We’d like to think bill splitting is in good shape as a successor to the old functionality (“Split cost with”), and I hope you agree it’s a good step in the right direction.

Often we can’t address every bit of feedback we see in labs (but we do read all of them!), so I’m sorry if you haven’t seen your particular request addressed in the wider release. Labs was really helpful for a feature like this because it let us release very early; e.g before we even had a full Android version ready. Rolling out a feature to all users doesn’t necessarily mean we consider it feature-complete or “done”. It lets us extend the feedback net to everyone once we’ve addressed the glaring issues in labs and we think the feature would be an improvement to everyone’s experience. In addition, we have some exciting work in progress that expands upon the idea of bill splitting (as teased in a post in this thread :wink: ) that I hope will address some more of the feedback here!

You can read the blog post here, and the new feedback thread can be found here.

Bill splitting made simple 🎉
(Robin Bilgil) #295