Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #265

Just noticed that this is the same on mine too.

Perhaps this should be split off into the bug reports section?


And mine. I’m sure it wasn’t like that a whole ago.

(Ataul) #267

Thanks for raising this Tom. This is fixed in 2.18 :raised_hands:

(Matt) #268

@ataulm Are you any closer to fixing the data export bug (reported here: Incorrect payee on data export with Bill Splitting enabled in Labs)?

Still present in latest TF build.

(Kent McFadzien) #269

I am thoroughly enjoying the bill splitting feature, and it would be great if it were expanded to include payments made through the ‘send via bank transfer’ option there have been a few times when my partner and I pay for say a cleaner for the flat making the payment by bank transfer and if I had a bill splitting option I think I would stand a better chance of us both paying for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Harry) #270

So trying to use this feature with my friend. I’m requesting the money, he receives the notification, presses approve and then gets an error. Tried on multiple transactions now, frustrating!

Do you both have to be on the same version of the app? I’m on TestFlight and he isn’t…?

(Sean) #271

Don’t think so; I accepted a split on android before it had been released into labs

(Robin Bilgil) #272

Hi Harry, there was a bug in the bill splitting backend earlier today that caused payments to fail. If you try again, the problem should be resolved :slight_smile:

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #273

Hi. Not sure if any of this is already mentioned in any previous posts but love the bill splitting feature native. Not so fond of the beta version currently in trial. Would ideally prefer the ability to bill split across to Joint Account as well as a “Cash” option to allow you to accurately account for folk who pass you the money (less tech savvy) or which would also allow for JA move of money which you could assign a “cash” transfer. Hope this makes sense. Otherwise beta looks nice but entirely functionless to me currently.

(Sean) #274

There have been a few different suggestions around bill splitting with the Joint Account (e.g. single split with Joint account or split with JA counts as 2 portions of the split) don’t believe that we’ve had official comment on this just yet.

Not sure I agree with this one, since the money has left your account and not been replaced by any funds but I would 100% agree if you then paid the cash into your Monzo account and you could then link that cash payment with the outbound transaction some way:


I think @MartyBo80’s idea is more of a way reminding you that a person has paid you back through non-Monzo means (eg: via cash). This would be a really useful idea if there was a place in the app where you could view all your completed and pending splits (I think something like this is in the pipeline).

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #276

That’s completely fair enough and I wouldn’t want it to perform in this manner either just a means to note alternate payment methods to a split request as @awjdean mention in their reply.
Thank you both as you have save me days of my life reading through the mountain of replies on this topic to filter out what I wanted :blush:


I’m sure this has been mentioned before but there are 272 posts to recap on :neutral_face:

I’m unable to split with myself from our joint account which is throwing my grocery numbers out :confused:


As a workaround ask the other joint account holder to create the split request for you.


Trouble is I’m already splitting with the other half, it seems to be one or the other.


Ah I see. I’ve noticed this problem as well. To me it seems like what is needed is:

  • To be able to split a transaction in the joint account between a portion for the joint account and one or more other portions (inc. possibly one for the person creating the split to be paid from their personal account).
  • To be able to select a joint account as one of the portions when creating a split request from a personal account. Currently I don’t think I’ve got a way of sending a split request to be paid by the joint account.

It seems odd in some cases for the person creating the split to know about what accounts the recipients have (e.g. sending a split request with a portion for a pair of friends which they choose to pay from a joint account they hold together), so perhaps what is needed is the ability for the receiver to choose which account a payment request is taken from.


Interface on Android Beta for Billing Splitting is a thousands times better. And now of genuine use now it’s possible to add someone not on Monzo.


Agreed, the latest android beta provides a much better bill splitting functionality. As mentioned by others the only things I miss are a way to cancel split requests and assigning a name to each non-monzo friend.

(Sean) #283

Nice to see a first stab at the non-monzo splitting!

Splitting to non-monzo doesn’t appear to mark the split as paid and the incoming transaction isn’t linked to the split transaction :slightly_frowning_face:


I didn’t think of this before, but it would also be great if we had the option to split by percentages.