Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(Tim) #245

That sounds weird! Can you get in touch through the app, please? Someone will be able to have a look at your account and see what’s going wrong :blush:

(Tim) #246


Perhaps you’ll like one of the new features we’re working on…

(Tim) #247

Splitting bank transfers and Direct Debits should be returning pretty soon! In fact, I’ll just go check if we can enable it now…

EDIT: Hopefully we’ll be ready to bring this back after the next Android release :slight_smile:

This is a known bug, and is fixed in the next release :+1:

(Jonathon) #248

If you split a bill and it’s not paid is there any kind of notification to either party? I just realised a split payment from last week wasn’t repaid yet. Is this still at the top of the other person’s feed or do I have to awkwardly manually ask them?

Ps. If not Monzo can you please take the awkward social barrier I have placed on me away and poke them until they pay? Cheers :beers:

Paid tag when someone splits with you
(Sean) #249

If they don’t respond then you see nothing and the feed item gets pushed down by new transactions so it is a bit awkward.

I believe that this is being considered for the next update.

(David I) #250

OOhh, a little intrigue. Love it :thinking:

(Dan Morrissey) #251

This works really well. It’d be useful if payments with pending splits were highlighted in the home feed some how. Red, perhaps? Also, it’s quite messy to have incoming split payments the same size as other payments… Could they be shrunk into icons on the main bill payment in the same way as coin bank savings have been?

(Matt C) #252

So I sent my partner a request for money yesterday, which he didn’t action because he was at work. Since then, we’ve exchanged a lot of other messages on whatsapp and so the request for payment has effectively been pushed back in the conversation and will most likely be forgotten.

Please can there be a move towards this all being dealt with and tracked in-app when both people are Monzo customers. Without clicking into various transactions, I have no way of knowing if I have been paid back and it could easily get forgotten. Also, he has no way (without scrolling back through whatsapp) of knowing that the request is still outstanding.

(Sean) #253

Are you using Bill splitting? Sounds like to me. At least bill splitting is in your monzo feed so should be easier to spot.

The summary of amounts owed should be coming once bill splitting leaves labs I believe, probably because it will go in the account screen

(Matt C) #254

I do apologise - it is getting late and I need to think before I hit reply. You are right, it is I am referring to. If someone is able to move my post into a better thread please do so.

(James wood) #255

There are loads of transactions now which I can’t “split” - some of these are shared bills which I’d like to split with my other half. Examples include:

  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal transactions

It would be great if this feature was across everything that left my account.

(Chris Lloyd-Jones) #256

I’m going to probably repeat some of the feedback here. I really like the feature overall, but for me these items would be key:

  • the ability to split direct debits
  • additional ways to assign amounts, e.g. By adjustment a la Splitwise
  • persistent location - keeping the split request in the receivers pending transaction area until it is accepted or rejected, so that it isn’t forgotten

Overall, very pleased with this feature, especially the way linked transactions are shown.

(Andrew Fox) #257

Hi tried to use it to split the cost of postage costs, I was posting a small package and my mum wanted me to post 5 cards to ireland it was £10.70 in total but posting the cards was more than the small package but with bill splitting you have to split the bill equally and this was a bit of an inconvenience love the feature and requesting money would be a really great feature. Hope this helps and really enjoy using monzo keep up the good work!

(Jonathon) #258

You can alter how much each person pays, just press the amount.

(Andrew Fox) #259

oh yeah hahaha my bad was probably half awake when i was doing it lol

(chris jacobs) #260

Use the feature a lot, it’s really helpful. Some feedback (phrased as my user problems and then possible solution):

  1. Budgets are negatively affected by this feature if you get paid back in a different budget period.
  • When someone pays you back, it should contribute to the same budget period as the original payment (e.g. if you purchase in August but get paid back in September, it should adjust August’s spending down, rather than get September off to a flying start!)
  1. I can’t adjust the amount of a request as I can’t cancel a pending request and send a new one.
  • Ability to cancel a request would be helpful
  1. It is time consuming to check whether you’ve been paid back and then chase any outstanding payments. Sometimes you forget all about pending payments you should be receiving and lose money.
  • Monzo reminding users that they have a pending request would be good, if I go to the trouble of paying for a group purchase I don’t really want to keep checking who has paid and chase those who haven’t.

(Tim) #261

:information_source: Update on splitting the bill on Direct Debits and bank transfers: we’re hoping to enable that sometime next week :tada:

:thought_balloon: We’ve been thinking about how split the bill works with Summary. Currently when someone pays you back, it credits the current month in Summary, rather than the month when the original transaction was debited. We haven’t decided how to solve this yet, but it’s something we’re aware of!

:ledger: We’re hoping to add a “home” for Payment Requests in the app, so you can see all of your pending requests in one place, to stop them getting lost in the feed. This should help with seeing who still owes you money, as well as seeing who you still owe.

We probably won’t get to these improvements until after Bill Splitting leaves Monzo Labs—but hopefully you find this interesting. Thanks for all your feedback so far! :blush:

(Matt C) #262

Awesome, thanks Tim! :smiley:


This doesn’t seem right: On received payments that are linked to a split transaction it says underneath the payment “For Name”, rather than what the payment is for. The screenshot shows what I mean:

This is on Android, if the screenshot doesn’t make that clear :slight_smile:

Also, tapping the linked payment on the received payment screen doesn’t do anything. Feels like it makea sense to go to the linked payment.


On iOS it says “For name of merchant” (eg: For Amazon) and clicking on the linked transaction takes you to that transaction.

Definitely looks like a bug with the Android version.