Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(Matt C) #225

Just posted this in another thread but thought it might fit here too. I have been using bill splitting with transactions during my trip in Poland - the problem is that the transaction amount has increased since I got home and therefore I’ve ended up paying more than half on all of these transactions. They are small amounts, but they all add up!

(Chris Rimell) #226

Perhaps bill splitting should only be allowed once a foreign currency transaction has settled…

(Matt C) #227

That would be a sensible solution.

(Sean) #228

I get what you mean about it potentially being confusing. I spent a while thinking about whether the value should change since that was the amount that left your account at the time of the transaction but then I thought about a typical budgeting question like: “How much do I spend on average at X restaurant?”. If you’ve been 3 times and got the same £15 meal but one time you split the bill with 2 other friends then your average spend is actually £15 but Monzo would give an average of £9.

Not sure I know what the right way to represent the spend is any suggestions anyone?


Or have the option to set them to automatically split after the transaction has settled.

Even some way of figuring out if a transaction has settled would be great.

(Sean) #230

Yeah an auto-split seems to be least hassle to me!

WRT working out if it had settled if I recall correctly from my last holiday under the date and time it says something like “the exchange rate will be confirmed in a few days” and then once settled says “the exchange rate was”


Good spot!

Are you on iOS or Android - I’ve recently (temporarily) switched to iPhone but don’t remember seeing anything like that on Android.

Can any current Android users confirm this is on both OS’s?

(Sean) #232

On android, was like this since at least last November

(Jay Turner) #233

There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the split incase I make a mistake on working out how to split it.

(Tim) #234

You should be able to tap the amount to edit it (you can on iOS).

(Sean) #235

I think that Andy is saying if you went out and spent £60 at a restaurant and split it 3 ways but person 2 says they’ll pay an extra £20 because they’re the only one drinking then adding £20 to the person 2 would reduce his spend to £0 and leave person 3 paying £20 and he was expecting that the £20 increase on person 2 would result in an even reduction across the other people splitting the bill.

(Nicola Sansom) #236

I no longer seem to be able to split bills get a “something went wrong 429 error”. I have tried a restart etc. It come about after doing about 15 splits in quick succession has I was waiting for pay day before the other person payed me back.

(Andy Little) #237

You can, but it only doesn’t keep everyone else’s shares even. If I split £15 3 ways it gives £5 each. Putting one up to £6 makes mine £4 and the third person still £5, rather than £6 / £4.50 / £4.50.

(Aidan Alexander) #238

Just got it on Android Labs. Works great so far. Two thoughts for improvement.

Not everyone uses Monzo, I need to be able to split the bill with none Monzo users via a URL.

It’d be nice to see the percentages alongside the amounts. Changing one updates the other.

(Robin) #239

Just got it on Android and immediately found a weird bug.

If you’re on the bill splitting screen (either selecting or having selected a person) with monzo as a split-screen app, and resize the Monzo app to full screen, it renders the same screen or the previous screen over the top of the screen you’re on.
The bug is also present the other way around (full screen being resized to split screen).

(Android 8.1.0/LineageOS 15.1 Oneplus X)

(David I) #240

Just been away for a long weekend in Madrid and wanted to say this was an excellent feature which worked really well for us. We are both iPhone users.

Having to split transactions individually was a pain, but I had to do all of the payments as my GF’s card did not work for any chip transactions due to a card fault (I am sure it will be replaced in the next day or two).

I know this has been said before but some way of linking transactions together to split would be really good. Not sure how this would work but say 5 friends went on holiday. Creating an event or something which bills could be assigned to and then split en-masse would be really useful. One may pay for the flights, another the accommodation, all 5 meals and drinks during the holiday but having one “even out” bill split at the end would be really amazing.

(Sean) #241

Yep, nice find, same on OP5, Oxygen OS 5.1.5

(Andy Little) #242

I can’t seem to split a bank transfer.

I want to do this because I paid for something on my credit card, then paid that of from Monzo once I got my salary. As it’s a household expenses I want to split it with my wife.

Edited to add: I’ve done it the old “split via Monzo. Me” method. It works, but it feels a little less smooth.

(Sean) #243

You can FPS payments but not bill splitting yet

(Tom Shorey) #244

Used Bill Splitting a couple of times now with my girlfriend who also has monzo.

Even though we have a joint account, it’s useful later in the month when joint funds are low and we just want to split a purchase without transferring money into the joint account.

All was smooth and easy.