Labelling Shared Tab Transactions


I’ve been splitting bills with my flatmates for a while and we’ve now been using the shared tab functionality. We use it all the time and love it. One thing I notice however is that I’m unable to share the label I give to a transaction when it falls into the shared tab. In fact, there’s little I can do to inspect the shared transaction when tapping on it, other than deleting it of course.

I’ve experienced the need for this quite a lot but I’ll describe a few here:

  • Making multiple purchases from Amazon or a supermarket and wanted to define what you’re splitting without following up the conversation on a messaging platform
  • tracking a shared transaction some months or weeks later where the business name is not clear (such as a PayPal transaction or any of the above grocery store transactions).

While one option could be to set a shared tab for each type of transaction we’re making, this is unrealistic considering that the list can become large and unmanageable - and quite frankly it’s a huge workaround.

Are there any plans on something like this coming into the app in the future? Is this something that’s relatively big to add to the UI?



This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

Thanks, didn’t find it before when searching. Voted now, much appreciated :smiley:

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Let’s keep the votes all together over on the other topic.