Label Scheduled Deposits/Withdrawals to/from Pots

I have a pot for aggregating all the small subscriptions I pay for - helps a lot with cutting out junk, and makes it a lot easier to see where the hell all that money went.

It would be really useful to be able to label the scheduled deposits. Instead of simply showing the pot/account it’s going to/from, it would be nice to mark it as “Netflix subscription” or something relevant to what it’s for.

Very specifically this would not simply be a notes thing. I really want to see front and center whatever label is added. Maybe instead of just “[pot name]” it can render as “[pot name] - truncated label tex…” if the label is “truncated label text here” in the activity page. In the scheduled payments page, instead of “personal account” (or whichever) it should show the label, showing where it’s from below as “Monthly on the 1st, from personal account” (more whichevers).

This hasn’t been too much of an issue for me as I only have a handful of monthly subscriptions making them relatively easy to keep track of mentally. But, I’ve just signed up to a subscription which Is billed annually and it would be really useful to see a transfer marked “£4 - Subscriptions Pot - towards annual GitKraken subscription” rather than an odd few quid disappearing every month and never being spent, or worse forgetting about it until this time next year and suddenly being hit with a bill (granted a £48 bill, not the end of the world, but the sentiment is there).