Kudos to PayPal

TL;DR I noticed some fraudulent activity on my PayPal account and it was sorted overnight :+1:

Last night I received four emails from PayPal regarding purchases from Google totalling around $8 altogether. Now, I’ve never bought anything from Google, ever. So i initially thought that these were fake or phishing emails. I logged onto PayPal from a different device, and saw that those payments had indeed been taken, and that Google had been set up as a pre-authorised merchant a few days previously.

I raised them as unauthorised with PayPal straight away, and they immediately forced a password change. They said that they should get back to me before 23 April.

This morning I received an email saying that the transactions were found to be fraudulent, and the cash had been restored to my account.

So well done on swift action by PayPal!


Kinda the system working as it should. It’s nice to see.