Kids Money pot linked to a virtual card

If I was paying for a Monzo plus account then I would like a a facility to be able to create a Money pot for my child (say 12+ Years old) and it would have virtual card registered against it. This virtual card could then be installed on their mobile to use via either Apple Pay or Google Pay for example!

I would be willing to pay the extra for my bank account service if this kind of facility was available for any of the plus accounts. I think this would then possibly introduce my kids future banking needs to gain more customers for Monzo. I really feel that the banks are missing a trick here to get a first chance or grab these kids in to their customer base from the offset. Please make it happen!

Hi. Welcome.

You can already do this. Join Plus/Premium. Create pot. Set virtual card to come from the pot. Add card to Apple/Google Pay.

@davidwalton does this I’m sure.


This is tagged USA though, do they have plus?

Don’t think they do :pensive:

I certainly do - and it works great apart from a recent issue where the youngest switched to an iPhone at Xmas and because of how the iAccount is structured, Apple won’t let him use Apple Pay until he’s 13. So that’s a bit tricky.

But I’m in the UK, with a UK :monzo: account, Premium tier.


Awsome thanks! Might be tempted now to set this up knowing it works with Apple pay for my kids.