Travelling with Monzo In Kenya cash withdrawal

I am travelling to Kenya next week to Nairobi and most posts about cash point withdrawals are over four years old. I want to ask a simple question.

  1. Which banks in Kenya do not charge for cash withdrawals at the cash point?
  2. I am aware of the Monzo limit and charges.
    I would appreciate an answer from those who have travelled recently and by that I mean this year.

No one has actually answered my question. All I wanted to know is what cash points to use or banks that do not charge but lads keep talking about limits and providing information I never asked.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that anyone here will have an answer for you unless they have been to Kenya themselves recently or live there or just know from their own knowledge.

Unfortunately there isn’t a database that has this type of information so I’d recommend just to check with the banks you go to or check if the machine states it will charge

No worries, cheers.