Just received a push notification advertising your overdraft

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I don’t think it’s an an advert. It’s a message advertising additional functionality in the app.

Oh. I, see. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d agree with this, the feature is new, it would be different if the feature had been around for a long time.


This is probably a single notification to tell you’re now eligible for an overdraft because you weren’t previously. I wouldn’t call that advertising unless they do it regularly.


I’d say, “sorry, you have the wrong number, my name’s not Tom”


It seems to me this whole discussion could be sidestepped with toggles for the types of notifications users would like to see.

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Toggles would be good, a customisation of notifications.

I am going against the grain here and agreeing with the poster - I wouldn’t like any banks promoting an internal offer/product directly to my phone screen, be it savings/overdraft/bank accounts/credit cards.

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  1. I used to get phone calls from Natwest saying I’m eligible for a loan, or to come in and have a “financial checkup” (which is a bull term for “let us sell you stuff”).
  2. Every time I went into a branch, they’d mention credit cards, loans, etc.
  3. Internet banking and mobile banking with Natwest are littered with ads for their other services (like loans, mortgages, etc).

If by advert you mean the “you’re getting close to zero, maybe consider an overdraft or add some money in” message that seems like a sensible thing to do, although it shouldn’t continue saying the latter half if you’ve already been declined for one. I think ideally if you’ve said explicitly “I am not doing overdrafts ever” they shouldn’t mention it too often.

I believe there’s also a one-off “we do overdrafts now” message when you open the app at some point, idk if that’s still a thing.

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How would you like monzo to let existing customers know a new service is available to them?


Blog post, forum post, twitter post, facebook post.

You know, the same ways they have announced every other new feature in the past - that interestingly didn’t involve customers paying 50p a day to use.

That’s by-the-by though as this didn’t look like a ‘Hey! We’ve got a new feature!’ notification. More like a ‘Hey! We want to sell you something!’ notification.

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Fair enough, I’d rather have the push notification in app. Rather not have to check external things periodically to know what’s changed on a service that is evolving as quickly as possible


Perhaps, as mentioned above by somebody, these sorts of things should be opt-in.

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We’re in the middle of trialing a bunch of different communications methods - the overdraft has just been made available to a number of customers today, which is maybe why you got a push notification. I’m sorry if it annoyed you.

I think “configure your overdraft” will probably be a step during the signup process & thereafter live in the account tab. We’re also planning to introduce a setting to “hide overdrafts completely”, so you never hear about it again if you don’t want to.

People who maintain a low-ish balance should not be continually prompted about the overdraft - it’s annoying and should be turned off very soon.

Pot as overdraft
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