Just moved to UK - How to build Credit Score?

So my friend has recently moved to London (from India) along with his wife and they both have very well paying jobs in the city with reputed organisations (consultancy & bank). They plan to buy a flat in 2-3 years but I understand even if they have saved a deposit, they may not have a good credit score.

What’s the best way for them to build it over next 2 years? I suggested them to get on the electoral register & get a credit card but they don’t have UK address history (last 3 years) so can’t get a credit card. Are there any credit card providers who would issue a credit card to someone with almost UK address history?

May help? I did some googling for ya…

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I don’t think credit scores have much of an impact on purchasing a house because they have the building as collateral.

Read Monzos latest blog post for saving in general and for a property :slight_smile:


There’s plenty of tools out there to help build your (slightly arbitrary) credit score :grin:

I use loqbox and it’s going in the right direction at least :yum:

Monzo have actually written a post about credit scores :blush: hopefully you’ll find it useful.