Just joined Plus - can't work out how to use on the joint account


The reason I’ve decided to go with Plus membership is because we need to pay from pots. I know this is a Plus feature but I only see it applied to my personal account, where it isn’t needed.

How can I sort this please?


Welcome. Happy to be corrected by @davidwalton but I don’t think you can.

EDIT: add your vote here. Second edit - you can use pots on joint accounts, but not the plus features such as VCs etc.

We’re working on joint accounts!


Hi. You can’t. The Plus features are not available on the joint account, only for direct debits etc. Not virtual card payments. But this isn’t a paid feature.

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Hi @VickiMe & welcome :wave:

Several layers of the Monzo onion need peeling here…

Plus (and Premium) paid tiers only apply to Personal accounts. Joint accounts are excluded from paid tiers - a whole other subject

You can pay from pots (aka ‘Bills pots’) using a Personal account (no Plus/Premium paid tier needed) or using a Joint account - which is what we do.

If you have a Joint account, you don’t need a paid tier unless the benefits of the paid tier apply to your Personal account only.

Plus/Premium being available only on Personal accounts has always clashed with users who operate with a Joint account only - like me/us - increase the pressure to sort this out here: Monzo Plus and Premium (2020) for Joint Accounts

Do you have a Joint account? From the post title I’m guessing so - but Plus/Premium doesn’t (yet) translate to Joint accounts - only Personal accounts. Painful.


Thanks everyone. Well that’s very disappointing. I signed up to plus from our joint page, so thought it applied to that account. :unamused:

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Just to reiterate what others have said:

Direct Debits and Standing Orders (where account number and sort code are provided for payment) can be paid from pots without Plus/Premium, and work on both Personal and Joint accounts.
Payments where you need to provide your card details (like Netflix, Tesco, Amazon, etc.) requires the “virtual card” functionality to pay from a pot. This i a Plus/Premium feature, and is only available for Personal accounts only.

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If you’ve not ordered the blue holo card you can cancel for free.

Welcome to a river of misery. Monzo have said that they are working on it, but we haven’t heard anything back for months. It’s a real shame for people who run their lives out of their joint account. The two features that I’d most use are custom categories and virtual cards, and at least on the surface they seem easy enough to implement (especially since they have them in the US already…), but many years on, we still lack these features.