Request directly into pots

I dutifully took charge of arranging the end of term present for our Consultant (med students here!) requesting £10 from a group of 12 of us.

It would be great if, when setting up a custom request to throw into our WhatsApp group, that the money that comes in went straight into a separate pot I created.

Further down the line, it would be even better if everyone could see how much is in this pot, who has and hasn’t paid into it and then I could link certain payments (like the gift and card) to this pot so its all transparent for everyone to see I’m not pocketing the cash!


Shared pots was something that was spoken about in the past, not heard much about it lately. I don’t have the time to find any posts but if you search for Shared Pots you should find them.

I believe they were aimed at house shares and the like.

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Cool - something I will try to dig up some more on…

Just signed up for a joint account and made the big switch for Monzo to be my main current account! Goodbye HSBC…

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If you’re interested, you can vote for Monzo to build Shared Pots here: