Joint account without current account

Someone please help. I can’t find the answer anywhere.

Can I open a joint account for my wife and I without my wife having to sign up for a current account? She’s not interested in switching her current account to Monzo.

No. Both joint account holders must also have personal account. This is because of the way Monzo do customer verification. But…

That’s not a problem! You can have more than one bank account, and she doesn’t have to use the Monzo personal account if she doesn’t want to. She can carry on using her exisiting current account for personal use if she wants, only use the Monzo joint account, and leave the Monzo personal account untouched in the background.


Thanks. Irritating but thanks. Lol

Potentially mitigating the irritation is that it’s pretty simple to open a Monzo account. Hopefully just a 10-minute task when she has a spare moment.

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