Joint account transaction feed missing differentiator between each account holder

Basically the old icon, tiny as it was, that represented the other account holder has gone. Each transaction now has an unhelpful unified icon. You can’t tell who is making the transactions.

I commented on this here

but it is a regression, it is a really important feature that was removed either accidentally or for some purpose.

Details to reproduce:
Use the joint account with the new home layout

OS: iOS 17
Device: iPhone
App Version: 5.54.2 and many prior versions


I think you’ve copied the wrong quote. That’s me, that is!

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Yes, I saw that.

I fixed it somehow. repasted

I don’t think it’s strictly a regression as the unified feed is new and has never shown which joint account holder made the transaction. The joint account feed however, still shows the individuals as it has always done.

It’s a fair shout to say you would like this though, although I suspect Monzo have already considered and discounted that option.

This isn’t a bug, this is the design.

Unified feed shows if it’s your personal account or the joint account. The account feed shows who made the transaction.