Joint account pot pin

Basically to stop the other half doing into a pot I have created (or other way around), so only the pot creator can withdraw but both can deposit.

I feel like this would cause arguments.

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What a thoroughly depressing feature.


Why even have a joint account at that point?

Just create a pot in your own account. That way you can control who sees it (you) and who can access it (you) and not have to worry about your “other half” seeing your vast hidden wealth.


This :point_up:

If you can’t trust one another with money it seems like you shouldn’t have a joint account in the first place :confused:


Ah, but then “the other half” can’t contribute which does seem integral to the setup.

This is a bonus with having to have a Personal Account too, in addition to a Joint. Move amounts from your Joint to your Personal and dark-spend to your hearts content from your Personal Account.

Explaining the initial transfer to the other JA party- well…