Joint account ownership


Myself and my partner have recently split. She is taking over our joint household billing account where all the direct debits come out of.

Is there a way for me remove myself from the joint account so I no longer see it on my monzo app. I do not want to close the account that’s more hassle than it’s worth.


No. You need to close the joint account. Both of you.

And ex will need to put all bills in their own name to their own bank account.


No you can’t remove yourself.

Personally I’d close the account no matter how much hassle it is. Cut all ties, especially financially as you’re liable for whatever happens on the joint account since your name is on it.


You can with most joint accounts - just not with half baked fintech ones


Most high street banks would allow this - I’ve had several elderly relatives die over the past couple of years and the bank has just converted the joint account to a second personal current account for the surviving partner.

However, Monzo only allows a single personal current account per customer. So I’d assume that this isn’t possible.

Also, you can (as far as I’m aware) only CASS joint to joint or personal to personal, so I think it’ll be a case of manually splitting the funds, transferring Direct Debits as appropriate, and setting up new Standing Orders and Continuous Payment Authorities.

Get everything transferred and the balance to £0 and ask Monzo to close the account.

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