Closing a joint account - help please

Hi all,

I have a joint monzo account with my ex and need to move back to an individual account.

My understanding is that we need to withdraw all the money from the joint account but what then?

Where will salaries and bills be paid from?
Do we have to contact the payees individually or is there a switching service?

You’ll have to do it all manually.

You might be able to CASS but then one of you would take over all the bills and get both salaries.

You both have individual accounts already.

Transfer the money and direct debits as you both see fit then contact Monzo to close the joint account

Great so the individual accounts will remain open after closing the joint one?

Yep. Monzo have a weird (but I quite like it) structure whereby you have to have single accounts in order to have a joint account.

These are treated like “users” for the joint account. So when the joint account is removed you’ll each be left with a single account.

Here is a help article by the way on how to close your joint account. Seems like you can do it in app.


Many thanks all