Join the waitlist for ISAs with Monzo

(Jack) #21

Surely the whole definition of an ISA means there’s interest?

Patience people :soon: :crossed_fingers:t3::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Jordan Taylor) #22

Signed up. Looking forward to trying this out.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #23

I realised how poorly I worded that question :sweat_smile: I was more curious about the potential interest % we might be looking at for a Monzo ISA :grin:

If it’s >1% then I’d move my Investec pot to the ISA, for instance :yum:

(Jai Sullivan) #24

Yeap that sounds about right to me, cash ISAs are fairly pointless unless you’ve got a silly amount of savings. You’re better off shopping around for a better interest-bearing account.

Edit: Unless of course they are a HTB or LISA where you can qualify for the bonus.

(Sean) #25

:crossed_fingers: LISA

(Drew sanders) #26

A good move, it just needs to be a good rate. Now that tax rates have changed on savings most people won’t benefit from the odd thousand in ISAs (a pot would be just as good - if they open again) - where you can put more in every year is where they come into their own.
Please :monzo: don’t give poor market rates - compare the best rates first - 1% is not enough unless I’m saving £20k every year for over 10 years then compound interest comes into play.

(Nathan) #27

Have signed up but lets face it, im not going to move my money over to it unless it matches or beats the 1.5% marcus is currently offering :man_shrugging:

I feel this is going to be another proof of concept rather than a market leading isa like the investec savings pot

(Marco Schepisi) #28

Hi :slight_smile:
Can I ask you guys a quick (and probably stupid :sweat_smile: ) question? Having a Cash ISA with another bank, would it be possible to transfer it to a Monzo Cash ISA?

Thanks for your help.


(Matt ) #29

If the interest rate is worth it I’d transfer my cash ISA in

(Matt Gogerly) #30

Any chance we’ll be getting a Monzo LISA? I’d love to consolidate everything to one app!


If the provider Monzo pairs with allows transfers in yes, but cannot be certain of that yet.

Not all cash ISAs accept transfers in, especially the top paying ones. Their high rates are intended to grab headlines and new customers, but cost the banks as little as possible. Yet at the moment, many of the best ISAs do allow transfers in, which is great news!


Looks like these are the ones to beat for anyone who a ISA fits more than a savings account:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #33

I’d love a Monzo LISA but I don’t believe they can offer one natively (yet) :see_no_evil:

Monzo are authorised to run several ISAs & Junior ISAs but not LISAs :eyes:

Hopefully in the future this changes :pray: but for now we’ll have to rely on other providers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gavin) #34

Yikes, my HSBC cash ISA is 0.55%…

Now former HSBC Cash ISA…

(Beta User) #35

Done yesterday :slight_smile:


Signed up. I like Pots because it’s basically segregating a current account balance across multiple, labelled pots (adequately named!). Hence the lack of interest isn’t really a concern to me because I don’t tend to keep significant balances in my current accounts.

I would hope any Monzo ISA would possess similar functionality, ie 80% of one’s cash ISA might be for long-term financial goals, then 20% as emergency savings that will hopefully never be used. Mentally you can do the arithmetic, of course, but that’s what’s great about Pots: you don’t need to. ISA + Pot division = winner.


Any details ?
Nationwide offer 1.40% Instant access ISA
I don’t believe that Monzo will offer better or same deal.

(Kieran) #38

Where are you seeing this?


In my account

(Kieran) #40

Must be account account specific :slight_smile: