Jam Jar pots

Every month when I get paid, and i’m sure i’m not alone, I figure out how much money I need to put aside for house bills, food shopping, petrol etc. It’s called Jam Jar budgeting and I think this would be a really nice fit for pots.

I should be able to set up a pot for “house bills”, and as soon as I get paid money gets put straight into that pot. I should then be able to assign standing orders / direct debits to come straight out of that pot. I should be able to have a “food shopping” pot, and drag and drop transactions out of my history onto that pot and the value of the pot goes down accordingly.

Just a thought!!

You can assign direct debits and standing orders to come out of a pot already?

Admittedly it’s not quite as easy to have shopping transactions (i.e. card) come from a pot, but it can be done via IFTTT.

You can do all of the above already with the exception of:

Although I do like that idea

See this:

You can’t do the drag and drop part but if you use IFTTT then you can have your Tesco (or anywhere) food shop come out of your food pot.